Private Clients

A natural addition to property matters for the individual is private client related work, such as wills and trusts.  Our dedicated private client team can also assist in this regard thereby offering an all encompassing service to individuals moving home.

Mark Swatts Morse has considerable experience in drafting wills and can guide you through the process of ensuring your wishes are accurately reflected in your will. We provide expert advice on tax planning and the creation of will trusts to minimise any inheritance tax liability.

We offer a no obligation free will review consultation service for both new and existing clients, where we can ensure your will is up to date in light of current legislation and any changes in personal circumstances that may have occurred.

Probate and Estate Administration
Bereavement is always a difficult time, but our team at Mark Swatts Morse can take on every aspects of dealing with all administrative and legal matters arising from the death of a loved one.

Our services include:

  • liaising with the funeral director and arranging payment of fees;
  • advising on the terms of the will;
  • valuation of the estate;
  • making the application for the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration;
  • assessing liability for inheritance tax and preparation of the Inland Revenue account;
  • arranging for the sale or transfer of assets;
  • setting up and administration of any specialist trusts.
Lasting Powers of Attorney We can offer advice and prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) to be used in the event you become physically or mentally incapable to look after your own affairs. There are two types of LPA:
  1. LPA for Financial decisions – this allows your attorney to deal with your investments, your house and any other property; and
  2. LPA for Health and Welfare – this allows your attorney to make decisions regarding your health care, medical treatment, where you live and any other decision regarding your welfare.
Where you have become incapable to manage your own affairs and do not have an LPA in place then an application will need to be made to the Court of Protection for someone to manage your affairs on your behalf – this process is lengthy, complicated and expensive. By preparing an LPA now you can exercise control over what should happen in these circumstances and it will also make things easier for your loved ones and dependants. Lifetime Trusts A lifetime trust can be used for minimising potential future inheritance tax liability or for protecting assets in the event of a relationship breakdown. Our team can talk you through the options, draw up the trust document and deal with all matters of administration of the trust.